Blank Cheque Help

When it comes to Blank Laser Cheques, different companies use different sizes of cheques, to understand it better please read the following:
The total length of page is always 11”, the difference is how they are perforated, some cheques are 3.5” in height and some are 3 2/3” (depending if the page is equally perforated or not), in the cheque on top version our standard cheque size is 3.5”, the middle stub 3.5” and the bottom stub 4”, a total of 11”, however in the cheque on bottom version we offer 2 options, one option the cheque size of 3.5”, middle stub 3.5” and top stub 4”, and the other option, all 3 parts are equally perforated (cheque size 3 2/3” middle stub 3 2/3”, top stub 3 2/3”).

Of course if you need a size or format you don’t see on our site, please feel free to contact us, we might stock that item too.

Cheque On Bottom 3.5”

Cheque size 3.5”
Middle stub 3.5”
Top stub 4”

Cheque On Bottom 3 2/3”

Cheque size 3 2/3”
Middle stub 3 2/3”
Top stub 3 2/3”

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